A Collective of Cryptocurrency Founders and Investors Supporting the Creator Economy

The Own.fund is a collective of builders and community leaders that have come together to support and empower founders in building the future of the Creator Economy

As put by Chris Dixon, we define the Creator Economy as the industry in which applications empower their users financially for doing something that is not itself financial. This will occur through the tokenization of digital assets. As a result, most people will simultanously become creators and investors. Investing in the applications that are at the forefront of this movement will both support the space while also providing a financial opportunity to those willing to get behind it.

The Own.fund invests in:

Social apps and social graphs

DAOs & infrastructure for DAOs

Play-to-Earn games, guild and tools

Money is abundant, energy and users are scarce. We believe that users of social applications are what traditional capital is to DeFi applications and we want to help future social platforms build their user bases.

Who are we looking for as members?

  • Founders of social apps in web3
  • Creator of social networks and tools that empower web3 economies
  • Heads of communities for gamers, developers and creators
  • Product managers/hackathons and Discord organizers

  • Are you an investor or founder interested in joining?

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    How else can I participate in the Own.fund?

    The Own.fund aims to be the most valuable investor available to social applications in the crypto space. As the space is growing so rapidly, we welcome introductions to up-and-coming projects with unique value propositions.

    In order to encourage independent researchers and market analysts to approach the fund with the most exiting projects around, we have created an incentivized reward program for those who bring us promising deals. We call this our scouts program.

    Do you have an investment that you'd like to refer to the Own.fund?

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    Check Out Some of Our Members

    Ashley Tyson

    Hypersphere Ventures

    Ben Middleton


    Brett Shear


    Chen Li

    Youbi Capital

    David Tomuletiu


    Frank Wang



    James Young


    Johnny Steindorff

    Distributed Global

    Juliana Passos

    It's Encrypted

    Manu Alzuru


    Marc Weinstein

    Mechanism Capital

    Marco Moshi

    DAO Advocate

    Matt Slater

    Stateless Ventures

    Mitchell Loureiro


    Nathan Sexer

    Ethereum France

    NiMA Asghari


    Patricio Worthalter


    Paul Gadi

    OP Games

    Roderik van der Graaf


    Ronen Kirsh

    Dekrypt Capital

    Scott Lewis

    Defi Pulse

    Sebastien Borget


    Stefano Schiavi


    Thomas Bailey

    Four Arrows Ventures



    Will Price

    DeFi Delegate

    Yoav Weiss

    Ethereum Foundation

    Yonaton Ben Shimon

    YBS Capital


    Ivan (acidbird)

    Operations Manager

    Find me on Discord with acidbird#7266



    Find me on Discord with TerraBellus#4774